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Are you seeking a company with a winning combination of great people, culture, and results?


At our core, we embrace values that guide our work:

  • Follow-up: We excel in building strong relationships with customers and co-workers, ensuring their satisfaction.

  • Quality Focus: Attention to detail is our forte, maintaining neat workspaces and upholding a commitment to quality.

  • Approachable: Our team exudes positivity, kindness, and calmness, making us approachable in all situations.

  • Listens: Active listening is key to our communication style, valuing perspectives and ideas from everyone.

  • Productive: We prioritize tasks efficiently, understanding the significance of being active and productive.

  • High Integrity: Dependability and trustworthiness are central to our values, fostering a supportive environment.


We believe these values create a positive and supportive environment for all team members. As an established and stable company with a proven track record of success, you can expect a secure and rewarding career path with us. We are a fast-paced and growing company with ambitious plans for the future, providing numerous opportunities for career advancement. With modern, cutting-edge equipment and streamlined processes, you'll have the resources to excel in your role.

Why choose OPM?

  • Competitive salary + generous benefits which include:

    • Healthcare benefits

    • Paid vacation + holiday pay

    • 401K

    • Tuition reimbursement

  • Flexible hours/shifts

  • On-the-job training

  • and more!


Join us on this exciting journey towards success and make your mark in our thriving organization.

Job Application

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